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Biomedical Teaching Government Job in GJU Hisar, Haryana

Applications on the prescribed form for the following posts are invited on regular basis :-
(i) Director-Professor: 1-Gen.(37400-67000+10000 AGP) – Haryana School of Business
(ii) Dean of Colleges: 1-Gen. (37400-67000+10000 AGP)
(iii) Professor: 18 (37400-67000+10000 AGP)
Printing Technology-1-Gen., Mechanical Engineering-2-Gen.(SFS), Electronics & Communication Engineering-2-Gen.(SFS), Computer Science & Engineering-3(SFS) (Gen.-2 SC-1), Pharmaceutical Sciences-2(Gen.-1, SC-1), Applied Psychology-1-Gen., Advertising Management & Public Relations-1-Gen., Physiotherapy-1-Gen.(SFS), Environmental Science & Engineering-1-Gen., Biomedical Engineering-1-Gen.(SFS), Communication Management & Technology-1-Gen., Haryana School of Business-2(Gen.-1, SC-1).
(iv) Associate Professor: 30(37400-67000+9000 AGP)
Printing Technology-2(Gen.-1,SC-1), Mechanical Engineering-2(SFS)-(Gen.-1,SC-1), Electronics & Communication Engineering-4(SFS)-(Gen.-3,SC-1), Computer Science & Engineering-4(SFS) (Gen.-2,SC-2), Pharmaceutical Sciences-2-SC, Applied Psychology-1-Gen., Advertising Management & Public Relations-1-Gen., Physiotherapy-2(SFS)-(Gen.-1, SC-1), Environmental Science & Engineering-1-SC, Biomedical Engineering-2-Gen.(SFS), Bio & Nano Technology-1-SC, Nano Science & Technology-1-Gen.(SFS), Optical Engineering-2(SFS) (Gen.-1,SC-1), Mathematics-1-Gen., Food Technology-2-Gen., Communication Management & Technology-1-Gen., Haryana School of Business-1-SC.
(v) Assistant Professor: 53 (15600-39100+6000 AGP) :
Printing Technology-3(SFS)-(Gen.-1,SC-2), Mechanical Engineering-4(SFS)-(Gen.-1, SC-1, BC-1, PWD-1), Electronics & Communication Engineering-6(SFS)(Gen.-2, SC-1, BC-1, ESM-1, PWD-1), Computer Science & Engineering-10(SFS)-(Gen.-4, SC-2, BC-1, ESM-1, PWD-2) & 1-Gen.(SFS) for Distance Education, Pharmaceutical Sciences-3(Gen.-2, ESM-1), Applied Psychology-1-Gen., Advertising Management & Public Relations-1-Gen., Physiotherapy-2(SFS)(SC-1,PWD-1), Environmental Science & Engineering-1-SC, Biomedical Engineering-3(SFS)-(Gen.-2, SC-1), Nano Science & Technology-1-SC(SFS), Applied Physics-2(SC-1, BC-1), Optical Engineering-2(SFS)-(SC-1,ESM-1), Mathematics-2(Gen.-1,SC-1), Food Technology-1-Gen., Haryana School of Business-7(Gen.-4,SC-1,BC-1, ESM-1,), Electrical Engineering-1-Gen.(SFS), Chemistry -1-SC, English-1-Gen.(SFS)
(vi) Deputy Librarian: 1-Gen.(15600-39100+8000 AGP)
(vii) Assistant Librarian: 2-(Gen.-1,SC-1)-(15600-39100+6000 AGP)

Associate Professor Biomedical Enginnering Job in VIT university Vellore

Candidates have to save the file in their name and send either in .DOC or .PDF format only

Biomedical Lecturer,Professor Jobs @ Rajalakshmi Engineering College, Chennai

Department of Biomedical Engineering
LAST DATE : 15-02-2011 (15th February 2011).

Professor: Ph.D. with 10 years teaching experience (5 years as Assistant Professor)
Assistant Professor: M.E. / M.Tech. with 8 years of teaching experience
Senior Lecturer: M.E. / M.Tech. with 5 years of teaching experience
Lecturer: Minimum M.E / M.Tech. or UG with 80% and above

Specialization Preferred

Biomedical: Medical Electronics, Applied Electronics

Pay Scale : As per AICTE Norms. Salary will not be a constraint for deserving candidates.