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Biomedical Engineer Application specialist job in Chennai


Ultrasound Clinical Applications Specialist

Job Code: 09/12 Job Location: Chennai (Madras)

Job Description: Based in CHENNAI you will represent SCANRAY SOLUTIONS with our Hospital and Private Market Customers in TAMILNADU .Utilizing exceptional organization and customer service skills, you will DEMOnstrate the configuration of our range of ultrasound equipment to Doctors and hospitals .

* Conduct presentations of the unique features and benefits of our ULTRASOUND SCAN m/c

* Deliver on-site technical/clinical presentation and training to customers

Biomedical Companies List – Samsung Medison

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Friends daily I have a query regarding Biomedical Jobs so  I thought I should brief students regarding Biomedical Companies which are not known and do exist profoundly. 

Most of the students think only GE & Phillips are into Medical Devices or Biomedical Sector there are more than 100 companies who deal with healthcare and have a great scope as far as Biomedical Jobs are concerned, Most of the student don’t know about them so they don’t apply.

For that purpose I will unveil each one of them here in www.biomedikal.in stay connected

  • Foundation – 1985

PhD Biomedical Fellowships 2011 @ University of Copenhagen

The project will be concerned with the use of ultrasound to generate images for clinical and research use and with the extraction of quantitative data from these images. The fellowship is partly funded by the strategic initiative at KU-LIFE, CHANCE and will utilize chemometric analyses as part of its research methodology. Ultrasound images from an ongoing research project involving eels are available and further experiments will require further imaging by the Fellow in this species. In addition the PhD Fellow will be expected to identify suitable clinical patients and collect data form them at the Department´s Small Animal Hospital and perform subsequent analysis. The aim being to describe relevant clinical or physiological parameters. The research work will be based primarily at the Small Animal Hospital, however some of the research image collection may be done by the Fellow at an external research farm. In addition to the duties described below, the PhD fellow will be expected to contribute to the clinical and teaching activities of the Department of Small Animal Clinical Sciences. The project will provide opportunities to develop existing skills in general veterinary diagnostic imaging using digital radiography, CT, MRI, scintigraphy and in particular ultrasound. Training in image analysis and statistical analysis techniques will be an integral party of the fellowship. Principal supervision on the project will be provided by the Department of Small Animal Clinical Sciences with additional supervision provided by the CHANCE initiative.

Basic & Detailed Tutorial on Ultrasound Imaging & Endoscopy for Biomedical Beginners

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A commonly used, and relatively inexpensive, imaging technology depends on acoustic or ultrasonic waves sent into the body where they are both refracted and reflected (this is an example of medical remote sensing that does not draw upon EM radiation). The result is a sonogram or echogram which to the layman appears fuzzy and limited in definition but is informative to the physician and trained technicians. A transducer that both generates acoustic waves and receives their reflections (echos) can be placed directly near the specific organ being investigated. The acoustic signal that passes through the body is between 1 and 10 MHz (3.5 to 7.0 MHz most frequently used). A brief summary of Ultrasonic imaging is found at the HowStuffWorks site. Once there additional information can be sought by clicking on “Lots More Information” and then on “Basic Concepts of Ultrasound” that gets you to “Diagnostic Ultrasound” by Beverly Stern of Yale University (putting on a direct link on this page fails to work). Both the text and the references on the HowStuffWorks site touch upon Doppler sonography and 3-D sonography.