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Friends daily I have a query regarding Biomedical Jobs so  I thought I should brief students regarding Biomedical Companies which are not known and do exist profoundly. 

Most of the students think only GE & Phillips are into Medical Devices or Biomedical Sector there are more than 100 companies who deal with healthcare and have a great scope as far as Biomedical Jobs are concerned, Most of the student don’t know about them so they don’t apply.

For that purpose I will unveil each one of them here in stay connected

  • Foundation – 1985
  • Number of employees – 422
  • Business areas
    R&D, manufacturing, and sale of diagnostic
    ultrasound systems
  • Global network 
    10 overseas affiliates and 110 agencies in 100 countries
    around the world

Research & Development

The power that has brought Samsung Medison to the world Since 1985

Samsung Medison R&D, focused on technological development to fast forward the development of mankind and medical values


  • Developed world‘s 1st digital ultrasound, the SA 6000
  • Developed the world’s 1st live 3D ultrasound system
  • Development of independent ASIC
  • Introduced technology-intensive products including CV and HCU
  • Developed a Windows-based network and multimedia technology
  • Held ultrasound related international forums
  • Development of the new 3D/4D function
  • Received a ‘Presidential Citation‘ on Invention Day
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