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2 Day MRI training Course For Biomedical Engineers in Mumbai



Name of Conference
3rd MRI TRAINING COURSE ( For Technicians, Biomedical Engineers and Radiologists)
Organizing Body : ProRad Education
Organiser : Dr Deepak Patkar, Dr Abhijit Pawar
Topics of interest: NMR physics, MRI hardware, Cryogenics, Pulse sequences, Image processing, Protocol Planning, Quality Control, Advances, MR safety
Speakers : Dr. Deepak Patkar, Dr.Malini Lawande, Dr Sona Pungavkar, Dr Abhijit Pawar, Prof PSV Nataraj(IITB), Prof V M Gadre(IITB),Prof A V Deshmukh (IITB), Prof YVJS Murti (IITB), Prof M D Atre (IITB)

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance done without Magnets

Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy is perhaps the most useful technique in the organic chemist’s toolkit. But conventional NMR requires the sample to be placed in a very high magnetic field, which needs large and expensive superconducting magnets cooled by liquid helium. Now, an interdisciplinary group in the US has managed to accomplish NMR spectroscopy without magnets. The work could lead to portable NMR spectrometers, and possibly even small personalized spectrometers for medical diagnosis.