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Biomedical Hospital Job in Bhopal, MP

Company: Bansal Hospital
Industry: Biotechnology/Pharmaceutical/Medicine/Healthcare
Job Function: Engineering, Civil and Architecture

Company Details:An upcoming 300 beded Super Speciality Hospital at Bhopal.

Job Description:

Cardiology and CTVS,Neurology and Neurosurgery, Gastroenterology and Gastrosurgery, Nephrology and Urosurgery,Orthopaedics,Obs.and Gynae. Infertility,Oncosurgery,Critical Care,Pathology,Radiology,Blood Bank,Nuclear Medicine, Pulmonary Medicine and Internal Medicine.

Job Application Details:The interested persons are requested to apply through our website www.bansalhospital.net/ opportunity on or before 30th May 2013.


Non-Invasive Hemoglobin Monitor by OrSense

A noninvasive hemoglobin (Hb) monitor, which measures key blood parameters, reduces the risk of a technician’s contact with donor blood.

The portable noninvasive device operates via a ring-shaped sensor that is fitted on the donor’s finger. The device applies pressure, temporarily gently squeezing the finger to over-systolic pressure, similar to blood pressure measurements, thus occluding local blood flow. During the occlusion, optical elements in the sensor, using an array of calibrated light sources, measure absorption, and scattering of the light transmitted through the finger.

Inside story: Physics in Medicine(Awesome Learning Website in Medical Imaging)

Today, My friend shared with me an awesome site related to Biomedical Imaging technique where you can learn the role of the physics in Medicine, That is the various Medical Imaging Modalities which are around us.
This site works in an interactive manner and you can understand the various modalities clinical application by few clicks . It will help in making the applications crystal clear in your mind


  • MRI scans
  • Colonoscopy
  • Radiotherapy

This will help you in developing a interest in the field of Medical Imaging.

Female Biomedical Engineer Required in Delhi

We have a new setup of International Class state of art advance Skin Laser Clinic & Spa in South Delhi and Gurgoan. Our beauty Clinics is professional managed by our company to provide international class service to our hi-profile clients  towards wide range of Cosmetic Treatments and skincare for face and body.

Basic & Detailed Tutorial on Nuclear Medicine & Imaging for Biomedical Beginners

Medical imaging is a mainstay in the field of nuclear medicine. In nuclear medicine, radioactive elements (as isotopes) that are part of specific fluids are introduced into the body (usually by injection into the blood). As it circulates, a particular radioisotope tends to distribute throughout the body at points served by the blood flow and may even concentrate preferentially in certain organs (for example, radioactive iodine in the thyroid gland). As the isotope decays, it gives off radiation (most commonly, gamma rays) which can be intercepted by a gamma camera or other detector. Variations in radiation intensity and in spatial location at point sources in the body activate film or more usually a detector array that responds by mapping the radiation intensity in X-Y space to create an image. The radioisotopes in normal usage have relatively short half lifes, thus decaying rapidly, and minimizing the exposure to damaging radiation.