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  1. Microelectronic Biosensors: Materials and Devices
    David P. Klemer
    1051 views, 813 downloads
  2. Low-Power and Low-Voltage Analog-to-Digital Converters for wearable EEG systems
    J. M. García González, E. López-Morillo, F. Muñoz, H. ElGmili and R.G. Carvajal
    683 views, 754 downloads
  3. Exploring Insight of User Needs: The First Stage of Biomedical Engineering Design
    Jiehui Jiang, Adinda Freudenthal and Prabhu Kandachar
    693 views, 184 downloads
  4. Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation
    Elena Pirogova, Vuk Vojisavljevic and Irena Cosic
    1051 views, 378 downloads
  5. Synchrotron Radiation Microangiography for Investigation of Metabolic Syndrome in Rat Model
    Keiji Umetani, Kazuhito Fukushima and Kazuro Sugimura
    612 views, 118 downloads
  6. Wireless Power Technology for Biomedical Implants
    Anthony N. Laskovski, Tharaka Dissanayake and Mehmet R. Yuce
    1252 views, 953 downloads
  7. Assessment of the Shadow Caused by the Human Body on the Personal RF Dosimeters Reading in Multipath Environments
    Alfonso Bahillo, Rubén M. Lorenzo, Santiago Mazuelas, Patricia Fernández and Evaristo J. Abril
    672 views, 121 downloads
  8. Monitoring Drowsiness On-line Using a Single Encephalographic Channel
    Antoine Picot, Sylvie Charbonnier and Alice Caplier
    549 views, 174 downloads
  9. The Merits of Artificial Proprioception, with Applications in Biofeedback Gait Rehabilitation Concepts and Movement Disorder Characterization
    Robert LeMoyne, Cristian Coroian, Timothy Mastroianni, Pawel Opalinski, Michael Cozza and Warren Grundfest
    1043 views, 191 downloads
  10. Robust and Optimal Blood-Glucose Control in Diabetes Using Linear Parameter Varying paradigms
    Levente Kovács and Balázs Kulcsár
    757 views, 250 downloads
  11. Towards Diagnostically Robust Medical Ultrasound Video Streaming using H.264
    A. Panayides, M.S. Pattichis, C. S. Pattichis, C. P. Loizou, M. Pantziaris and A. Pitsillides
    750 views, 210 downloads
  12. Contact-less Assessment of In-vivo Body Signals Using Microwave Doppler Radar
    Shahrzad Jalali Mazlouman, Kouhyar Tavakolian, Alireza Mahanfar and Bozena Kaminska
    804 views, 826 downloads
  13. Subspace Techniques for Brain Signal Enhancement
    Nidal S. Kamel and Mohd Zuki-Yusoff
    619 views, 111 downloads
  14. Classification of Mental Tasks using Different Spectral Estimation Methods
    Pablo F. Diez, Eric Laciar, Vicente Mut, Enrique Avila and Abel Torres
    572 views, 215 downloads
  15. Survey of Recent Volumetric Medical Image Segmentation Techniques
    Hu, Grossberg and Mageras
    1372 views, 580 downloads
  16. Fuzzy-based Kernel Regression Approaches for Free Form Deformation and Elastic Registration of Medical Images
    Edoardo Ardizzone, Roberto Gallea, Orazio Gambino and Roberto Pirrone
    669 views, 142 downloads
  17. ICA Applied to Microcalcification Clusters CAD in Mammograms
    C.J. García-Orellana, R. Gallardo-Caballero, H.M. González-Velasco, A. García-Manso and M. Macías-Macías
    488 views, 159 downloads
  18. Nanomedicine in Cancer
    Cesar A Gonzalez
    884 views, 282 downloads
  19. Capacitive Sensing of Narrow-Band ECG and Breathing Activity of Infants through Sleepwear
    Akinori Ueno, Tatsuya Imai, Daisuke Kowada and Yoshihiro Yama
    775 views, 433 downloads
  20. EEG-Based Personal Identification
    Hideaki Touyama
    712 views, 295 downloads
  21. Skin and Non-Solid Cancer Incidence in Interventional Radiology using Biological and Physical Dosimetry Methods
    M. Ramos, A. Montoro, S. Ferrer, J.I. Villaescusa, G. Verdu and M. Almonacid
    625 views, 129 downloads
  22. Nonlinear Projective Filtering of ECG Signals
    Marian Kotas
    636 views, 176 downloads
  23. Recent Developments in Computer Methods for fMRI Data Processing
    Evanthia E. Tripoliti and Dimitrios I. Fotiadis
    619 views, 176 downloads
  24. Carbon Nanotubes in Bone Tissue Engineering
    Kaveh PourAkbar Saffar, Nima JamilPour and Gholamreza Rouhi
    2260 views, 590 downloads
  25. Medical Remote Monitoring using sound environment analysis and wearable sensors
    Dan Istrate, Jerome Boudy, Hamid Medjahed and Jean Louis Baldinger
    672 views, 217 downloads
  26. Standard Model, File Formats and Methods in Brain-Computer Interface Research: Why?
    Lucia Rita Quitadamo, Donatella Mattia, Febo Cincotti, Fabio Babiloni, Gian Carlo Cardarilli, Maria Grazia Marciani and Luigi Bianchi
    665 views, 159 downloads
  27. Tonometric Vascular Function Assessment
    Jeon Lee and Ki Chang Nam
    628 views, 180 downloads
  28. New Methods for Atrial Activity Extraction in Atrial Tachyarrhythmias
    Raul Llinares and Jorge Igual
    505 views, 124 downloads
  29. Intelligent and Personalised Hydrocephalus Treatment and Management
    Lina Momani, Abdel Rahman Alkharabsheh and Waleed Al-Nuaimy
    532 views, 102 downloads
  30. A Simulation Study on Balance Maintenance Strategies during Walking
    Yu Ikemoto, Wenwei Yu and Jun Inoue
    728 views, 156 downloads
  31. Requirements and Solutions for Advanced Telemedicine Applications
    George J. Mandellos, George V. Koutelakis, Theodor C. Panagiotakopoulos, Michael N. Koukias and Dimitrios K. Lymberopoulos
    667 views, 239 downloads
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