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Fitness trackers..Do they really track?

Most often, people use Fitness trackers for keeping track of their fitness activity, set achievable goals and to motivate themselves. Fitness trackers are mostly wearable electronics that measure/track your activity such as steps taken, distance walked, calorie consumption and even heart rate in some cases. Most fitness trackers have an accelerometer that helps in tracking our activity. Some fitness trackers may also have altimeter, music player and many other features. So, how does the fitness tracker do it?

Fitness trackers

Phd in BioEngineering in Netherlands

Job Description: Developing machine-learning algorithms based on accelerometer data for assessment of energy expenditure, coordination skill and motoneuronal control in home healthcare applications. Physical activity is affected by health, and thus physical activity is an indicator of health status. Increasing age is accompanied by a decline in coordination and aerobic capacity. In this project, age associated changes as mentioned are studied by measuring patterns of objectively assessed physical activity and smoothness of typical activities like walking. Altered neural control disrupts the timing and muscle patterns necessary for smooth and regular stepping.