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IBM Watson for Oncology: What is it exactly?


Watson is an IBM supercomputer named after Thomas J. Watson who led IBM into the computer era. It represents a fundamental shift in the paradigm of computing – moving from programmable systems which have been the mainstay for the last several decades to learning systems that keep getting smarter as they process more knowledge. IBM has a business unit dedicated to transforming healthcare into a quantifiable service where every bit of information is available. It is called Watson Health and offers services in Genomics, Drug Discovery, Oncology, Imaging etc. By using it, physicians only have to go through their personalized reports instead of reading through dozens of papers for every patient’s case.

IEEE Workshop on Mathematical Methods in Biomedical Image Analysis 2012

Call for papers
Biomedical image analysis is a fast evolving field driven by the advancement of imaging modalities and high content screening techniques. Many clinical applications are also emerging that use biomedical image processing for decision support.  The workshop will bring together researchers in computer vision, medical imaging, computational biology, graphics and robotics communities interested in problems that involve mathematical modeling or analysis in biomedical images, which include emerging molecular and cellular images. 
Topics of interests include but are not limited to:
  •     2D/3D/4D Registration
  •     Biomedical Image Databases / Retrieval
  •     Biomedical Image Motion Analysis
  •     Biomedical Image Reconstruction Methods

Masters Level Biomedical Engineer R&D Job in IITKGP

IIT Kharagpur, conducts Walk-In-Interview for the post of Sr Project Officer / SRF

Project Title : Medical image analysis and MEMS based flow sensor development (MIA)

Qualifications : M.Tech / ME or equivalent degree in Medical Imaging and Image analysis / Electronics / Electrical Engineering and having a consistently good academic record (obtaining grater than 60% marks throughout) with good knowledge of computer programming in Matlab or C++.
Knowledge in medical imaging techniques (special experience in various micro macro imaging procedures) and analysis, pattern recognition, machine learning.

Number of vacancies : 1

Compensation : Rs.18,000/- to Rs. 20,000/-


Research Fellow Position, University of Surrey, Post Ref 7895

A Research Fellow (Post-Doc) to work on a cross-disciplinary
research project in the fields of computational neuroscience,
nature-inspired computation and machine learning on developing is required.

“General-Purpose Learning Algorithms for Spiking Neural Networks”

in the Nature-Inspired Computing and Engineering(NICE) Group within the
Computing Department of the University of Surrey.