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Implanted Medical Devices can be Hacked: Ashish Malik

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The use of cyber space for criminal activities has brought the issue of cyber security in the spotlight.

There have been many cases of such activities where malwares like stuxnet, flame, slammer etc. have been used for industrial sabotage and espionage purposes.

Over the past few years, the focus of many researches has been towards various implantable medical devices. Although, no specific attack on such devices has come into view but researchers have been digging into the possibilities of various attacks against various implantable medical devices such as pacemakers, insulin pumps, blood-glucose monitor etc.

MedMon: Firewall for Wireless Medical Devices

Researchers working at Purdue University and Princeton University have developed a proof-of-concept device, called MedMon, that blocks hackers from hijacking or interfering with wireless medical devices, like pacemakers, insulin pumps, or brain implants. The researchers were motivated to work on the problem after discovering how easy it was for hackers to break into current wireless medical systems.

The researchers believe that hundreds of thousands of people using wireless insulin pumps or wireless-enabled pacemakers are currently vulnerable. Other devices, not yet in the market, like brain implants that manage epilepsy and “smart prosthetics” could also be hacked. Despite the potential for hacking, the researchers admit the chances that any given would be hacked is low.