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Biomedical Jobs in Phoenix Medical Systems Chennai

Industrial Designer for Medical Devices and Rehabilitative & Assistive Technology


• Manage all product design and development functions from conceptual design through to successful product launch.
Develop and design products to conform to customer requirements and specifications, within time constraints and budgets.
• Provide design support at all stages of the design process, and resolve any design issues that arise.
• Use engineering tools, including 3D modeling software and other basic analysis tools, to produce models of parts and assemblies for initial design reviews.
• Produce engineering drawings of parts
• Liaise with vendors to produce injection moulding and vacuum casting prototypes. Keep in regular contact to ensure feasibility of product concepts and to make changes to suit manufacturing where necessary.

Jugaadathon- India’s First Open Source Healthcare Hackathon, Kolkata

Jugaadathon is India’s first open healthcare hack-a-thon which will involve professionals and students from diverse backgrounds – coders, hobbyists, designers, health experts, clinicians and technology entrepreneurs – from across India and also from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital.


About Event

The event, to be held in Kolkata from 24th-26th January, 2014, will bring together more than 100 participants who will put on their creative hats and work together to discuss and address real world medical problems by developing new and innovative solutions, ranging from At-home Monitoring Solutions, Mobile Applications, Improved Software Algorithms for Healthcare Applications or Medical Equipment for Hospital Usage.

India will innovate the Healthcare sector

Professor Balram Bhargava, Cardiologist, All India Institute of Medical Sciences talks to Diptiman Dewan on how India is poised to become the global leader in affordable innovations in healthcare, and why collaborations are the order of the day


How is India poised to lead in the affordable innovations in medical sciences? Any examples to illustrate this?

The Indian mindset is frugal and the innovations done are also frugal. The major concern is to ensure quality and reliability. Once this happens then the battle is won. Some of the classical examples are the Indian Coronary stents and Intraocular lens implants developed in India and being utilised in several countries abroad

Dream Factory- The Business Plan Competition @ SASTRA for Medical Technologies

Dream factory @ SASTRA University is a B plan event intended to focus the entrepreneur in the field and for the Biomedical & Healthcare as well . So those who are interetsed please read it carefully

Please note:

An idea/product/technology which evolves originality, cost-effectiveness, social benefit and the purpose will definitely be given more preference for selection of abstracts.

Executive report format:

The team has to submit a maximum of 6 page [excluding the cover page and Team description] executive report .pdf/.doc before. The Executive report should cover the following major aspects.